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🇺🇸 Namasté, nice to meet you

Ciao! For those who don't know me, my name is Giorgia, nice to meet you.

For the last 4 years I was developing my career in the amazing Digital Communication world, from Social Media and Influencer Management to campaigns, strategies, storytelling and relationships, online and offline. Before the big change I was a freelancer, working in the Fashion Luxury Industry, having few clients in other industries and, until the day before leaving, I was a teacher in Business Management master’s degree. Subjects? Social Media Management and Influencer Marketing.

However, I wasn’t fully satisfied. Actually I love to leave a mark and to help people.

I felt that something was missing and the only way to fill this gap, was by going inwards and turn my life around, drastically.

I started practicing yoga almost 10 years ago, for specific and deep reasons. Maybe one day I will tell you. And since the first class, the first breath, it heal me immensely. I never gave up with my practice.

One month before the most catastrophic virus ever, I decided to give myself a chance. I went to India, precisely to Rishikesh the “Yoga Capital of the World”, to become a qualified Yoga Teacher. The plan was to stay just for a Yoga Teacher Training Course but the Universe wanted me to stay there for a while. More than a while.

My return flight was canceled.

Without fear and with the curiosity and the pure heart of a child, I caught this huge signal for learning more about this magical land and for seeing and living this extraordinary discipline from another point of view.

I spent in India almost 9 months. As a pregnancy. I like to say that India gave birth to me again.

I knew more and more. I absorbed more and more. I practiced and I taught. I met extraordinary people and souls, with whom I shared food, thoughts, concerns, affection, smiles, Love. The same Love with which I came back, with which I want to tell you my incredible story, share the messages received and what I learned, obviously to leave a mark in someone’s life and to heal where possible.

Regarding my digital skills, I am applying them to my business. However, the Digital Marketing is still running in my veins.




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