🇺🇸 Blindfolded Yoga

In my school in Rishikesh I was known as “the one of the Blindfolded yoga”, especially from the second part of the course onwards.

I open a parenthesis to tell you an anecdote.

{I arrived in Rishikesh in the middle of winter. It was February. An incredible cold.

Of course I had only warm clothes with me. Then the lockdown came. In that part of the world the summer starts very early.

Lockdown = Shops closed = No summer clothes = What to do?

I improvised myself fashion designer!

I cut everything I could cut to create my new “summer collection”. Many yoga pants - better known as leggings - have become comfortable shorts. And their "legs"? With the top I made tops, with the knee down part I made headbands and bandanas for eyes and hair that I shared with my classmates and students, especially during my first class as a Blindfolded Yoga teacher.}

Driving my friends and "students" with my new limited edition bandanas, with the help of my voice, the right atmosphere and a bit of mantra's background, was an incredible emotion.

Simply, I was a blindfolded yogi too and, from the first moment, Blindfolded Yoga literally won me over. To my surprise, that blindfolded yogini yoga class was one of the most powerful lessons of my life.

Ah, if you love to wear your mascara, know that you should practice without or with a nice waterproof one otherwise at the end of the lesson you will be a very cute panda. A bit like what happens during Bikram Yoga.

My experience

After many years of practice, I thought that my body and mind were now totally involved in my lessons. I thought I could hear my breath deeply and feel every single part of me involved in the asanas and flows.

Until I blindfolded my eyes, eliminating one of the most important organs: sight.