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Corporate yoga

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How yoga can help your working environment.

And not only.


Right now we are all aware of the benefits, demonstrated throughout the history, that yoga brings to our health and psychophysical well-beingAnd if you're lucky enough, your Boss knows too. Or maybe that far-sighted Boss is you.

Corporate yoga: the new benefit.

 From exception to need and added value.

A quality choice.

Today a single worker is forced to the same amount of work that was once entrusted to three, or perhaps four people. In any sector and work context. But we are not here to discuss why or how it is possible. We are here to talk about humanity. We must try to understand how to relieve you, as individual worker, but first of all as a human being, not from the amount of work but from the weight of stress, responsibilities and the countless thoughts and worries that cloud your mind and shut down your smile.

Team Talk

Whether it is"Early morning yoga", "Lunch time yoga", "After work yoga", you already know that corporate yoga is now adopted by many progressive realities around the world. An innovative and low-cost solution (no investments are made in any machinery: fixed costs are negligible and completely deductible) useful for relieving stress, improving the working environment, reducing healthcare costs and promoting the well-being of and among colleagues and, consequently, the productivity. And the happiness.

Corporate yoga: WHY

There are many researches that demonstrate the increasingly rapid and widespread diffusion of yoga in the company and its beneficial effects.

It is now a fact: the demand for corporate yoga has increased so much that there are a great many yoga teachers providing their services for specific areas and/or corporate offices. But I don't want to be here talking to you about numbers. For this there is Google Baba that will give you all the answers you are looking forBy the way, of course Google also has yoga programs for its employees.

WHY YOGA: 14 good reasons

Warrior One




In everyday life we try to reconcile work, family life and social life. Too often, however, not only do we become victims of a sedentary lifestyle, but we come across an unstoppable vicious circle:


Working 6-8 hours a day

(if you are lucky)

Reduced blood circulation

Increases stress and fatigue

Reduces your energy


Yoga through breathing and movements increases the blood circulation throughout the body, reduces fatigue and increases and let the energy circulating (for friends, Prana).

Of course, it also improves your strength, even to face every day life.

And if all these points don't improve where does it go?

Stressed Man

Working related stress.

I'm Burnout, nice to meet you!

Burnout and the mood disorders. Never before as in this historical moment we heard about it, especially in Healthcare sector where all the employees are increasingly put to the test.


But if it is true that we are faced with a great, huge problem like this one, it is also true that we have an equally great escape route called yoga. As early as 2015, five years ago, Workplace Health and Safety published a study of a group of nurses who started practicing one yoga class once a week for eight weeks. Result? A huge reductions in Burnout warning signs. 


In the most delicate cases, obviously, recommended is the presence of all the extraordinary professionals who take care of the psyche.

According to these professionals Burnout - literally: exhaustion, collapse or overheating - which populates (since ages I would add) the working contexts, represents a strong and often disabling emotional exhaustion, with visible and concrete psychophysical consequences that affect every context. Working, social and especially personal reality.


Do you know that the General Manager of the Hospital where my mother works has sent a reassuring and inclusive letter to all the employees?

A sort of: "We are together, don't be afraid".

Do you know how much such a simple and human gesture like this one can help and make the difference?

Are you ready for hugging yoga?

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