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Namaste, nice to meet you and welcome 🙏🏼✨


Before my long and intense lockdown in India, for 4 years I dedicated my career exclusively to the Digital Communication world, from Social Media and Influencer Management to campaigns, strategy, storytelling and relationships, online and offline. Before the big change I was a freelancer, I worked in the Fashion Luxury Industry, I had some clients in other sectors and, until the day before I left, I was a lecturer in a university master's degree in Business Management.

Subjects? Social Media Management and Influencer Marketing.


However, I felt that something was missing. The truth is, I love to leave a mark and help people.

The only way to fill that void was to look inward, listen to me and dare to change my life, drastically.


I started practicing yoga 11 years ago, for specific and deep reasons. And from the very first lesson, from the first breath, it took me by the hand and healed myself immensely.


A month before the most catastrophic virus ever, I decided to give myself a chance. I went to India, specifically to Rishikesh the "Yoga Capital of the World", to become a qualified Yoga teacher. The plan was to just stay there for a Yoga Teacher Training Course, but the Universe wanted me to stay there for a while. More than a little.

My return flight was canceled.


Without fear and with the curiosity and pure heart of a child, I took this huge sign to get to know this magical land better and to see and experience this extraordinary discipline from another point of view.


I spent almost 9 months in India. A gestation. In fact, I too was born before 9 months.


I like to say that India has given birth to me again.


I have known more and more. I absorbed more and more. I have practiced and learned, even with the greatest masters and gurus. I helped some realities and teachers to improve their way of communicating online and I also organized events and workshops, obviously related to the yoga world, the main - perhaps the only - business in Rishikesh.

I learned to live with nothing. Only with my heart and my great desire to savor life.


I met extraordinary people and souls, with whom I shared food, thoughts, worries, affection, smiles, Love. The same Love with which I returned, with which I began to teach in my beautiful land, Italy, and to share the messages received and what I learned, hoping to leave a little big sign.


As for my digital skills, I am applying them to my business. From my website to communication.

Digital marketing runs through my veins.


Light & Love



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