Have a nice end and an amazing new beginning 💫

Everything in nature follows a cycle, a natural rhythm that has a beginning and an end.

And yet another beginning and another end. And so on.

Let’s just think about the cycle of the day and the night, the waxing and waning of the moon, or of the sun. Or to the flow of the seasons. The same goes for the transition from one year to the next.

The beginning and the end are important.

Regarding the end, knowing that something has an end invites us to fully being in the present moment with all the experiences that come with it, including a natural process of reflecting on the past: what has been experienced, what has been learned and what you want to carry on into the next new beginning.

And if the beginning and the end bring a strong energy, sitting between the two is the strongest and most subtle moment of the transition and, if lived with awareness, can be rich in strong experiences and insights. Let's think about the ending of the summer. We still feel its warmth on dark skin and the laughter of outdoor fun. The transition between the end of one year and the beginning of another is a time when we can look back on the fullness of 365 days and realize how rich life has been with experiences, lessons and opportunities.

We try to see the end as a good time to celebrate, as what happened before was the soil, the seed and the fertilizer for what is to come.

Yoga also invites us to learn to consciously move through every pose, every breath, every moment, day, season and life cycle with the greatest possible awareness, knowing that what we plant today will be what we harvest tomorrow.

My (almost) year spent in India has given me a new soil made of fertile fields in which I have planted, am planting and will surely still plant new seeds.

Last year's forward momentum now needs to be mitigated by reflecting on what works and what doesn't and where we can expand to shine.

You can take some time in these last few hours of 2020 to reflect on what your year was like. What still needs some final tending to? What do you need to “weed out” and where can you “make space” to plant new seeds while tending to those already starting to bear fruit? What are the things that “feed your soul?” What nourishes, inspires and enlivens you? Where can you put your energy? How can you take better care of yourself this year?

Beautiful souls I wish you a safe and joyful conclusion and beginning. May this year bless us all with health, happiness, abundance and peace.

Light and love



Tutto in natura segue un ciclo, un ritmo naturale che ha un inizio ed una fine.

E ancora un altro inizio ed un’altra fine. E così via.

Pensiamo al ciclo del giorno e della notte, al sorgere e al calare della luna, o del sole. O al flusso delle stagioni. Stesso dicasi per il passaggio