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🏳️‍🌈 "Blue Moon"

My most powerful "Full Moon Cerimony" was with my magical and special Ana. One of the most extraordinary souls that I met in Rishikesh.

Being the closest astronomical body to Earth, the Moon always has a deep and drastic effect on us. Especially when She is full.

To complete her full cycle, the Moon takes 28 days.

When energy is increasing, it stimulates growth.

When it is waning, it feeds to release.

When the Moon is full, Her energy amplifies everything and helps to free ourselves and to release everything that makes us suffer, what keeps us awake during the night night, the superfluous that takes away the best from our lives and everything we don't need anymore, including an aspect of ourselves that no longer belongs to us. People, feelings, thoughts, sensations.


All this happens through a ritual that in a symbolic way facilitates this invocation and its release.

Today the Moon will not be an "usual' full Moon. The one that will illuminate our sky tonight will be a Moon more special and powerful than the others. And not just because it’s under the sign of Taurus.

"Blue Moon"

Today the Moon will be called "Blue Moon", for reasons that are anything but chromatic.

The last October 1st we were told that we would have 2 full moons this month. And here we are in front of the second one, called "Blue Moon" precisely because this year instead of 12 the full moons will be 13.

But why is this one so special?

This full blue moon occurs on Halloween approximately every 19 years and only in certain time zones and represents a strong connection between the real and the spiritual world, as if the boundaries that divide them are very thin. This makes us much more profound, receptive more intuitive towards who and what surrounds us.

And what does Her being in the sign of Taurus entail?

That we will receive Her positive and reassuring effects, especially to learn to accept changes as part of our existence, now more than ever, while remaining calm.

Keep calm in a moment that is anything but peaceful like this one? Really? How?


Taking care of ourselves and our well-being. By binding ourselves less and less to material goods or more and more to affections, our introspection and our spirituality.

Stability, peace, security, love. Aren't they among the things we seek the most?

If there are any unexpected events, don't worry. Uranium, a strong and nervous planet, will also be present tonight. But you keep looking inside yourself.


Let me know what will’ happen! 🌕


Light & Love



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